METU Thesis date changing request

Dear Rector,  

As the graduate students of 2020, we are now approaching you with the request that, in the current situation, with the changed conditions for writing and completing our Thesis have become harder or undoable for the majority of us.

- Both university and public libraries are closed, therefore we cannot carry out our research and be properly prepared to finish our thesis

- In many cases, consultants do not answer to our emails or Coospace messages, which is a major problem for especially Art students, as the deadline is 20th of March.

- Due to the increasing panic, many students will not be able to conduct social research that they wish to produce for their thesis, as the subjects will not be willing to be contacted personally or through different online platforms as no one is prioritising emails or help of researchers in this situation.

- The panic mentioned above affects us as well for the reason that we fear for our family members and we are also concerned about the uncertainties affecting our studies.

We, hereby, request the deadline for submission of thesis, to be extended for both faculties due to the current situation.

Thank you for your understanding

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