Haterz say that Michael Jackson put chocolate barz and socks down his pantz but we know HE DID NOT becauze we've seen him in his gold pantz and he was all man and nobody can say anythin different or if they do they are just jelluz. And we seen him lick his finger and rub it on his cock and it looked amazin :D

Michael DID NOT have a 7 inche peenus and we should make the world know that he was hung like Mr  King Dong. His weiner was a whopper (blush) and it is not normal.

Please sign below as proof.

Once we have 100,000 signaturez it will be posted to The White House for them to raise it in congress and for them to make a statue to honour it.




We wants  something like this and we are goin to erect it (oooh erect lol) in Las Vegas on the strip (oooh strip lol). The colum will be his peenus and we will put his face on the top so he can look down on everybody who drivez past. If possible we want it to be made of speckled marble so its even more authentik.


Sign this as proof that Michael WAS NOT NORMAL.