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The Moon Recreational Gymnastics program and the Youth, Middle School and Varsity teams have been a part of the Moon Community, led by Amy Caprino, for over 40 years.  There are approximately 300+ Moon students, from ages 4-18, enrolled each year in the year-round recreational and team programs. The Varsity Gymnastics team has won numerous WPIAL titles and the last 4 PA State titles.  Amy Caprino has worked with the many members of the Moon Area School Board since 1980, as well as the several different Superintendents and Athletic Directors over this same time period with no major disputes.

A troubling situation has been created by Moon Area School Board Member, Crystal Barr against Moon Area Gymnastics Association, Varsity Head Coach, Amy Caprino and Moon Area Gymnastics Program (MAGA) Coaching Staff Member, Nick Price.  This situation originated when Crystal Barr's daughter was not able to meet the Moon Varsity Gymnastics Team attendance requirements during the WPIAL season due to her participation in competitive gymnastics at a private club. Since then Crystal has openly stated her mission is to remove Amy Caprino as head coach to make Moon Gymnastics better, and has spread misinformation about Nick Price to the community in an attempt to defame his character.

The parents of Moon Gymnastics have written a letter of complaint against the subsequent actions of Ms.Barr. This letter is attached to the email you received which includes further details the situation. This letter will be presented to the Moon Area School Board at the next meeting.

Signing this petition shows your support of the Moon Gymnastics Association, Moon Varsity/Middle School and Youth teams, as well as Varsity Coach, Amy Caprino and Youth Team Coach, Nick Price.

Thank you. 

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