Motion of No Confidence in Taoiseach Enda Kenny

If you're Irish living in Ireland or abroad, surely you're aware of the current unrest on our shores, the introduction of water charges has been the straw that broke the Irish-persons back. Since coming to power this current government has implemented deduction after deduction with no relief in other areas. At this country's lowest, there were working class families breaking up furniture in order to build a fire to heat their houses, parents swallowing their pride and going to St. Vincent De Paul to get food to feed their families even though they had jobs. The results of a survey was announced mid to late 2013 stating that workers on an average wage only had €50 to live off after all of the long standing and newly introduced taxes and bills came out of their wage packet. This country was sold in chunks to the highest global bidders, there was a deal made with the European Bank with absolutely no thought spared to the Irish public who would ultimately have to pay this money back. Not once did Mr. Kenny pay any attention to the plight of the average worker. Instead he wanted to project to the rest of Europe that Ireland was being "proactive" about the mess we were in. He was more worried about how he and his cabinet stood in the eyes of their European peers. The Irish people were to busy trying to survive week to week, trying to keep their jobs and their families provided for to stand up.

It was when the water charges came along that the people had enough. Peaceful protests brought thousands of angry, broken and exhausted Irish people to the streets, they made their point time and time again, but every time it seemed to fall on deaf ears. The state media remedy to downgrade the protests all over the country, and there were suggestions of misrepresentation of the protestors at times, borderline criminalisation of their efforts. The protestors peak reached our country's capital when a reported 100,000+ protestors marched on the streets of Dublin. There were still attempts by the state media and the government themselves to disregard this revolt. In the weeks that have passed Mr.Kenny has experienced flash protests that seemed pop up in places he would have to be. This also went uncovered by the media, the only coverage it got was on social media through phone videos. Most recently the Tainiste got to experience the real anger of the people, the good people of Jobstosn decided to voice their opinions in these flash protests, they even formed a human barricade around her car to ensure she got the full experience of a protest. I believe she came away with a different perspective. Today (17/11/14), Mr Kenny publicly called these protestors a pack of hounds and called for an apology to Ms Burton, this is proof that he is not listening to the people he works for, he seems to disconnect himself from the raw anger that exists among the population. This statement is an indicator that proves that this man is well and truly corrupted by power. To expect an apology from the Irish people from which he has taken from time and time again without any relief, is surely the act of a delirious man. A motion of NO CONFIDENCE by the people will surely show him how much damage he's done. Please sign and pass on the link.

Yours Sincerely
Sean Malone

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