Motorcycle Awareness Plates

Increasing motorcycle awareness in Colorado is imperative in order to save lives. Colorado drivers are faced with natural and technology- based distractions. These distractions contribute to the number of motorcycle fatalities in Colorado staying consistent at 103 lives lost every year for the last three years. Continued lack of awareness will only affect the hundreds of lives riding that shouldn’t be dying, awareness must increase.  Look twice save a life, was not used the day our father was taken from us in 2017, while he was riding his motorcycle on a warm spring evening. Failing to be aware of a motorcycle resulted in losing more than just his life. The other driver claimed he never saw him, that is not justification, look twice save a life. Drivers in Colorado are made up of your family, neighbors, co- workers and community members lives. 103 lives, 103 families affected by tragedy can be the continued norm if nothing is done.

May is Motorcycle Awareness month, look twice save a life should not be limited to one month but every day. Help make a difference and be aware. Look twice save a life,  no more fatalities. So, to honor him and all the lives lost, we have created our very own design (designed by Marvin Vigil). We cannot wait to share with you all, all our hard work we have put into this the last couple years.

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