We, the undersigned call on the Columbus Consolidated Government's Parks & Recreational Department to move the CYSC fields to a safer location.
We have very serious concerns about the safety of the children and families playing soccer at CYSC.
In one week's time, we learned of an attempted abduction at the soccer fields, and later  heard multiple rounds of gunshots in the neighborhood across from the fields one evening at practice. This is not the first time we have heard multiple rounds of gunshots while at the field - last season we heard shots fired one Saturday morning during games, coming from the apartments beside the fields. 
It is extremely concerning to see a rise in such serious crime at the fields. This isn't just someone breaking into a car, or shoplifting - these are serious life and death situations. 
Unfortunately, the soccer complex is in a bad neighborhood. For years, this hasn't seemed to be an issue - but now, it definitely is. While moving the complex to a safer part of town would be a tremendous undertaking, we, the undersigned, urge you to begin the process now, as the Woodruff Farm Rd. location is simply NOT safe anymore.
It would be disastrous to dismiss this petition only to have children shot and killed, or kidnapped and trafficked.
While we can appreciate increases in security detail and video surveillance, these things won't stop criminals next door or across the street from shooting into a field of crowded people, or snatching children. The location is too dangerous - and you simply can not risk thousands of lives on the fact that moving the fields is too difficult.
This must be done ASAP

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