Move the New England Road Pietermaritzburg Landfill!!



We are all concerned about the state of the New England road landfill. Fires happen on a regular basis due to a number of reasons,  which then covers all areas with its toxic smoke... which then hovers over the 3 schools across the highway. Some serious info quoted by Musa Chamane, groundWork waste campaign manager.  :

"The chemicals emitted from the landfill site are among the most carcinogenic compounds known to cause cancers in humans. Any exposure to these chemicals, especially for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, is cause for concern."Dioxins and Furans known to cause cancer in humans, heavy metals such as nickel that causes chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function, and cancer of the lung and nasal sinus and styrene vapour from burning foam based products can damage the eyes and mucous membranes are just some of the gases that a fire at a landfill will produce.” 

This is what our kids will be exposed to for their approx 14 Year school careers at these specific  schools!

Surely this is enough information to realize how serious this is and that the dump needs to move away from a residential area or some serious steps need to be taken from their side??? 

Sign this his petition if you want the municipality to realize how serious the problem actually is and action asap whether it be better managed or look at relocating in the near future. 


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10/8/17 Dump on fire again!