MTN is erecting a cellular mast at Laerskool President Steyn.  Parents were not involved in the decision making as the Governing Body of the school didn't feel it is necessary as they are not "affected parties".  We will not allow our children to be radiated.  They are also not willing to accept full medical responsibilities for the children so to us that stipulates that they are not confident that there aren't dangers to the children.  EMRRFSA offered to do a FREE presentation to the parents on the dangers but they aren't interested.  They obviously only see the money offered for the rental (which will go to the school grounds, not even the underpriviledged in the school).  The top part of the mast was erected about an hour ago.  We are not willing to sit back and watch our children and community suffer the ill-effects from this mast.  Please assist us to safeguard our children.  The next school might be yours.