my son is suffering a mental health crisis and needs moving asap!!

my son marcus is 23 and is autistic and suffers from.bipolar disorder....since the 31st of august his mental health has deteriorated drastically due to his support changing and becoming unsuitable which in turn is hindering his recovery.

I have followed every process i have been asked to to get him where he needs to be to feel safe and understood and still nothing even tho all the professionals concerned have agreed this needs to happen urgently aswell!

social services keep fobbing me off with non decision emails and in the meantime my son is at risk everyday that passes.

The only option i have left is to move him.myself and risk being safeguarded or to have him home and not return him to his current supported living placement and go to the press!! 

Marcus is a caring clever young man who deserves so much more than he is getting right now .

please support me in getting as many peiole as possible to get my son moved ,he is still fighting to hold on and needs help to move now not in another months time!