Nassau County and Albany, stop NICE Bus Service Cut April 2017

We're group of bus riders and train riders calling on Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, Long Island Villay/Town Mayors, Albany elected officials and NiFA to increase funding for Nassau Inter County Express Buses before April to keep following buses running.


Under April 9 Service cut:

Rockville Centre Bus Depot (Garage for buses): Closes, and Mitchel Field Bus Depot don't have enough room for former Rockville Centre Bus Depot buses.

n1 Hewlett- Valley Stream- Elmont: Weekend service eliminated
Elmont Flexi Shuttle- Hourly service.

n16 Roosevelt Field-Hempstead-Rockville Centre- Saturday service eliminated.

n19 Freeport- Sunrise Mall: Eliminated

n27 Glen Cove-Hempstead- Hourly service and weekend service eliminated.

n33- Long Beach-Far Rockaway: Sunday Service eliminated.

n36 Lynbrook-Freeport: Eliminated

n45 Bellmore-Roosevelt Field via Nassau Community College: Discontinue

n47 Hempstead-East Meadow/Bellmore: Discontinue

n51: Merrick-Roosevelt Field via Nassau Community College: Discontinue

n57: Great Neck Loop: discontinue.

Freeport Shuttle- n62: Discontinue.

Hicksville-Wantagh Shuttle (n73 without Levitown): Discontinue

n78 Plainview-Hicksville:D iscontinue

n79 Walt Whitman-Hicksville: Discontinue

n80/81: Combine to one new route and run every hour. Uses small van.

If n79 is cut how will people will connect to Suffolk County Transit Buses HART Buses at Walt Whitman Mall? For better compromise, during rush hour, keep n79 bus operate via n78 Plainview segments in both directions or extend n20H bus via n78 route to Plainview Hospital and ask H40 bus to be extend via n79  route to Plainview Hospital to connect to n20H.

If n70/72 buses terminate/originate at Farmingdale University, former n19 bus rider at Babylon wouldn't be able to get to Sunrise Mall or Amityville Station since S20, S23 and S29 buses do not run on Sunday. For better compromise, have Suffolk County Department of Public Works to extend S25 bus westbound via n72 Babylon-Farmingdale Rd to Farmingdale State University, and eastbound buses to LittleNeck Rd, then regular route.

Also cutting n57 is bad idea because deeper Great Neck has no street lights.

Cutting weekend n27 bus will hard residents of Glen Cove, Sea Cliff and Greenvale who commutes mostly to and from Roosevelt Field.

n36 is an important route for harbor communites of Lynbrook-South Freeport, well as Freeport n62 Shuttle.

If n19 bus is cut, how will former Montauk Highway commuters get on S20? They'll be force to take two NICE Bus and three Suffolk County buses to get to and from Babylon Station.

This service cut will affect both poor and rich people.
How will immigrants will get to south shore to lawn people's lawn without bus service.

This bus service cut will affect gas stations, auto repair shops, car dealerships, BestMarket, Whole Food Market, Trader Joe's, Fairway Markets, UncleGuiuseppe's, H-mart, Restaurants, Vegan Restaurants, schools, churches, senior centers, hospitals, and libraries.

You'll be stranding Suffolk-Nassau County bus connections and many businesses like Sunrise Mall, Walt Whitman Mall will loose their businesses as result of bus service cut.
To elected officials of New York State Assembly, New York Senators, it's not true that everyone drives. Some don't have cars. What happens if trains break down and every cars and taxis break down, alternative option will be buses.

For my proposal,

n19: Keep n19 bus and extend this via n36 route from Freeport to Lynbrook Stations.

n20G/H: 10 minute transfer time at GreatNeck Station and extend bus from Hicksville to Plainview Hospital via n78 route and H40 bus extended from Walt Whitman Mall to Plainview Hospital to connect with n20H bus.

n45: Needed.

n57: All rush hour trips goes clockwise loop to avoid confusion.

n72: Needed along Route 109, West Babylon and Babylon. If not, extend S25 bus Belmont Av-Little Neck Rd to Farmingdale State University via Babylon-Farmingdale Rd and add Sunday service.

If n20H or H40 buses cannot be extended, keep n79 bus and have rush hour n79 bus serve n78 Plainview segment in both directions enroute to Walt Whitman Mall and Hicksville Station.

Please consider increase more funding for NICE Bus.


Please sign the petition.