Nassau County, restore NICE Bus Now

We're riders of NICE Bus urging Nassau County Bus Transit Committee, which oversees NICE Bus fixed-route buses to be restore on n19 bus between Sunrise Mall and Babylon Station on Sudays, and bring back direct n20 bus between Hicksville and Flushing via Great Neck,

For n20 bus service, n20H and n20G connection is not working out well, forcing long strecht of line at Great Neck Station for Flushing-bound n20G bus, which becomes extreme overcrowded due to n21 and n20H passengers getting on n20G bus.

For n19 bus, n19 need to be restore service to Babylon Station because S20 Loop buses which operates between Babylon Train Station and Sunrise Mall via Oak St, NYS110 and Montauk Highway do not operate on Sunday and n72 bus doesn't serve Babylon Station on Sunday, leaving people stranded in Babylon with no bus service.

For Option 1, restore n19 bus service to/from Babylon on Sundays only.

For Option 2, xtend Sunday n72 trip from Farmingdale to Babylon Station.

For Option 3, restore full n19 bus service between Babylon Station and Sunrise Mall.

For Option 4, have Suffolk County Department of Public Works to implement 7-Day Service on Suffolk County Transit's S20 Bus service with early and late hours, coordinating schedules with NICE Bus's n19 bus.