Næstvedegnens Animal Hospital. stop killing our dogs !!!

We wish to express our dissatisfaction to Næstvedegnens Animal Hospital, in the form of their participation in the killing of the dog Cocio.



Cocio was out walking with his owner when a little dog in flex line approached Cocio and bit him in the nose, Cocio defended himself by biting the other dog . This costed Cocio his life, the little dog is still alive and home with his family.  

This is a last goodbye from Cocio `s owner:

Today at 16.26 Cocio drew his last breath .

He was punished by a law knitted together by a bunch of shoddy ,heartless animal haters .

Cocio was in prison 22 days before the law did it´s gruesome work.

At that time he managed to lose 3.5 kg and being completely mentally broken. Further, he had prelude to kennel cough , he had lost a lot of hair, we have never seen on our beautiful beloved dog like this before .

Now you've got peace beloved Cocio, you have gone over the rainbow bridge to the best place, with the best treats, the best playmates and all the freedom you could wish for .

You will always be in our thoughts and hearts, all our actions reminds us of you, because you were always with us. You were always happy, you comforted us when we were sad, you teased us if we had not just looked at you in 5 minutes.

You were the most beautiful and lovable dog anyone could wish for.

Rest in peace sweet Cocio .

Always loved , never forgotten.

Sign, and tell them that it is wrong to kill healthy dogs. Tell them that they do wrong, by acting as executioners for the police.

Demo against Næstvedegnens Dyrehospital den 17 maj:


Demo against BSL & hundeloven den 5 juli: