In the community of Durbanville in the CBD, adjacent to the SAPS and the Anglican church there is a “tent town” that has emerged over time. At first 2 tents then organic growth which now needs to be stopped.  

We are witnessing the daily expansion of this informal settlement, where the is no water supply, no recognised fire-making areas and importantly no toilet facilities.   This piece of ground belongs to the municipality or the state and as such we as rate-paying residents expect a court order to be raised so we can move these folks from the Centre of our village. It seems nobody knows what the authorities are doing regarding this matter and nobody knows if a court order has even been raised.  

The level of frustration amongst residents is extremely high and I fear we will see the residents taking the law into their own hands if we don’t coordinate a stop to the new tents. MES in Durbanville has confirmed we had 8 tents which was a concern – now we have 17 tents which is a HUGE CONCERN.  

It is suggested that another piece of land more suitable for an informal settlement be found (in close proximity) and these folks be assisted by the Red Ants to move to the new site. If need be, we can raise funds for a toilet facility at a new site albeit those bucket toilets.  

One thing we can be sure of – is that the residents of Durbanville will not allow an informal settlement like Du Noon to develop right under our noses in the Centre of town. 

Speaking with MES, I have learned that it seems that Law Enforcement is telling tent folks to go to Baxter Street. If that is the case this must stop immediately. There are no facilities at Baxter Street and besides a health hazard, the sight of people defecating is not what anybody can accept, especially not when we have a primary school right there. This is not what children should be subjected to.    

We are trying to find a solution to this problem and with our councilors etc not being leaders or change agents as needed – we as residents don’t know which way to turn.  

Any consideration that can be afforded to this matter will be greatly appreciated.  


Yours sincerely,

Richard Downing (VP NHW member)

10 Jacaranda Street Valmary Park