Gibraltar Night Bus Service Petition

 The following petitioners request a night bus service round Gibraltar for the following reasons:

  • There is a high demand for Taxi Services, resulting in limited availability at times when there are no buses. This would provide a service on those occasions when there are no taxi services e.g Chrismas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • Lack of adequate parking provision in the town centre, leaving residents dependant on public transport
  • It could reduce the incidence of drink driving
  • It is a safer option for those ( especially teenagers) accepting lifts from strangers
  • It will enable many residents to socialise in the evenings, at the moment impossible due to limited public transport . This includes the disabled, elderly and those who live too far from the town centre to walk home.
  • It would also benefit tourism. Tourists are disappointed by the taxi service when having to walk long distances back to their accomodation such as the Caleta Hotel

We need reliable transport in order to enjoy the opportunities to socialise and enjoy the facilities in and around Gibraltar. We request the following night bus service to be given consideration. We understand that the service will need to be funded and we are prepared to pay a fare.