NO Annexing and Rezoning Parcels for Proposed Walmart Strip Mall

This petition is against the Annexation & Rezoning for properties located on Celanese & Ebinport Road - 2963, 2965, 2969, & 2993 Celanese Road and 2865 & 2880 Ebinwood Road currently zoned Business Development BD-I, BD-II, & BD-III in York County to Planned Development-Commercial (PD-C).  We are also against the road closure of Ebinport Road access from Celanese Road (SC-161).
Case #: M-2013-16  City of Rock Hill Public Hearing November 5th, 2013 at 7:00 PM. ** UPDATE (deferred, see below) **
The proposed plan will allow for Walmart Neighborhood Market, Gas Station, and other shops to be built in an area that is already saturated with grocery stores and similar businesses.  Also, the proposed plan includes the closing of Ebinport Road access from Celanese Road (SC-161).
Our concerns are increased crime, traffic, noise, and light pollution.  We don't want it in our area.
If they cannot annex and rezone the proposed parcels,  then they cannot move forward with this development.
Make your voice heard by signing this petition before November 5th, 2013 ** and keeping this unwanted development out of our neighborhood.
Thank you.
The link below shows the developer's plans.
Rock Hill City Council rejected the proposed plan.
Thank you very much for showing your support by signing this petition and comments.