No bad smells emanating from the Nikiti sewage treatment plant!

We demand the elimination of the terrible smell produced by the Nikiti sewage treatment plant!  It is already unacceptable that hundreds of people (locals and tourists) who live near this station are forced to inhale the terrible smell emanating.  It is shameful that every tourist who drives through Nikiti in the evening or night is greeted by such a stench that invades the car.
It is unimaginable not to be able to sit on the terrace in the evening and listen to the sea.
There are years in which the authorities do nothing concrete, a piece of work here and there at the sewage treatment plant, but nothing that guarantees a solution to the situation.  However, this smell must disappear permanently because the affected citizens have the right to oxygen in their homes, citizens can no longer be forced to stay indoors during the summer evenings without being able to open a window for fear of smell invasion.

Children in the area have the right to be able to go out to play in peace without having to run for cover whenever the area is invaded by the smell.  This smell creates difficult and unbearable living conditions for the surrounding citizens and discomfort for tourists and as a result it must be eliminated!

I would like a mobilization of everyone: locals and tourists in love with Greece, like me, politicians, lawyers, NGOs, authorities, environmental activists.  I want a clean, pleasant, beautiful and welcoming Nikiti.  We appeal to anyone who can help, through legal, financial, advertising, or any other kind of support, to join us in our endeavor!

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