No goldmine to Valkeakoski, Finland!

We demand the Regional State Administrative Agency and TUKES (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency) to re-handle the environment and mining licenses and to undo it.

We also appeal to the decision-makers of Valkeakoski that this unsustainable and permanently environment-harming project would be panned by a legal effect.

An initiative from the mining licenses has been made and sent 31.5.2017 to AVI (Regional State Administrative Agency) and to TUKES (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency). It has been signed by 84 people.

The planned mine is located in Valkeakoski in an area called Kaapelinkulma, in the forest between Kairantie- street and Honkisuontie-street. These areas are inhabited and cultivated. The mining area is 65 hectares and is situated higher than the inhabited and cultivated areas. It is located on a water divider that runs the water to two big lakes called Vanajavesi and Mallasvesi (which is connected to Roine-lake and together they create the 42st biggest lake in Finland).

Dragon Mining has also received a reservation license for 15,89km2 around of the current mining area.

Arguments for withdrawal:

The mining area and the surroundings are located in the old cultural area of Sääksmäki.
Sääksmäki has old farms for generations. There are seven horse racing and riding facilities and a dairy cattle. There are about 40 inhabited properties within a radius of 2 km and about 60 within a radius of 5km. The inhabitants and their properties are dependent on the groundwater which will be in danger of pollution by the gonldmining.
Many inhabitants have personal plantations of berries, fruits and vegetables which will be ruined due to dust pollution.
The mining area and its surroundings is a popular place for recreational outdoor use such as berry-picking, bird watching, photography, and horseback riding.

The explosions, drilling and all the other continuous noises will have a severe impact on the nearby inhabitants everyday life.

The only route in the area is Kaapelintie-road which is already heavily used and its condition will suffer from increasing traffic and ore transport.
The children safety on their way to school and kindergarten will be jeopardized by high traffic, as will be the active horseback riding.

Natura 2000- nature protection area is situated 250 meters to the east from the mining area. It will suffer remarkably when the groundwaters flow will be transmuted.
Waste water ditch flows down to a protected lake Vallo which is known to have a big population of birds. Sludge that comes with wastewaters will eutrophicate (meaning it will increase an excessive amount of both good and bad nutritions) the lake that is already suffering from eutrophication. And from the lake Vallo, water runs down to a big lake called Vanaja which is yet, already recovering from previous irresponsible factory waste release.
Water ditches are visited by many animals, birds and microorganisms that won’t be aware of the polluted water.
Rock measurements have shown arsenic values way higher than permitted limits.
The mining area and its surroundings have a remarkable population of plants, insects, birds and mammals. For example Western Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Eurasian Crane, Eurasian Woodcock, Rustic Bunting, Long-Tailed Tit, various bats and butterflies for example Woodland Brown (which is endangered, protected and listed as vulnerable throughout Finland). Elks have been living and breeding in the area for
ages as well as Roe Deer, Lynx and many others. The area is extremely favorable for all the wild life because of the landscape with slopes and hills, wetlands, hideouts and respect towards nature from the people living around the area.

Due to the financial situation of Dragon Mining we can’t rely on them to properly take care of any environmental damage afterwards. The landowners are responsible for cleaning and supporting the waste water ditch Sammaloja-Haavanoja-Vallonoja (the ditch way flowing to bigger lakes) which goes through numerous farms and inhabited areas. So most likely the high arsenic sludge and other substances will be left for the inhabitants to take care of.
After the mining finishes, repairing the roads will be the responsibility of Valkeakoski city.
The area cannot be used anymore for recreational purposes, berry or mushroom-picking or any other nature activities.
The value of real-estates will decrease remarkably which is unlikely to be refunded by Dragon Mining.

In 2013 the demand for gold was 3750 tonnes, of which 400 tonnes was used for industrial and other useful purposes. The remaining 3350 tonnes went to jewelry and investments. The gold dug up so far would be enough for the next 200 years for industrial use. Therefore, the need for gold mining is very secondary and questionable.