NO LIQUOR for DALPARK!! , a public petition for those who feel that Liquor in a Residential area should not be Permitted

Dear Members of the Local Metro, South African Police Service & National Liquor Board.

We as the Dalpark Residents have hereby drawn up this Petition as we are of the opinion that selling of Liquor in our Residential area should not be allowed. Friday night 10 March 2017 seen a Tragic Incident where a person was shot & killed in a Pub or so called "Restaurant" in our shopping centre complex. 

We have had various requests opposing any such outlets as well as opposing the re-opening of the Local Bottle-Store & Pub in our area. To date we are unsure if the Local Pub & Bottle Store have valid Licenses or not as we have received no feedback on our enquiries from the local SAPS Office.  A search on the Liquor Board's Register NLA register  does not show as either outlet having a valid License to sell Liquor.

We feel that places like the Pubs or Bottle stores in our area are causing all kinds of unwanted elements to enter our area, that in return have lead to an increase in Criminal activities arising as well. People allege that drugs are also being sold in the parking area of this Shopping Centre during the hours that the Pub is open. This makes it more difficult for us as Residents who Patrol our streets in order to keep it safe more difficult as we can’t control or monitor people who enter our area with ulterior motives.

The incident of 10 March 2017 where another shop owner of this complex was killed shows how difficult it is to control people that are under the influence of Liquor. Organized Pubs and Drunkards activities should be excluded from residential areas where innocent people can be harmed by such activities of people being under the influence of alcohol.

Another matter of Concern is that both these establishments are Located within 100m of two Churches and a Public TAXI & Bus Stop. 

We as the Dalpark Homeowners Association and Dalpark Residents publicly oppose such outlets in our area as a drive to keep our Neighbourhood safe for our Children.

March 2017

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