No McDonalds in the Krimpenerwaard

We don't think a McDonald's is suitable for the Krimpenerwaard. It does not suit the Krimpenerwaard in terms of quiet surroundings and nature.

In addition, it is very uncomfortable, for example when you come back from walking in the Loetbos, you want to sit on a terrace and not go to a fast food restaurant for a quick bite.

It will also be very busy with people from the Krimpenerwaard and municipalities outside. This will cause inconvenience.

And a lot of exhaust fumes from cars and waste will end up in nature, which is bad for the environment. We want the Krimpenerwaard to remain a quiet and clean place and it should not become as busy as in Capelle aan den IJssel and Rotterdam.

A normal, not fast food restaurant with a terrace is very welcome at the place where Eetcafé Plus Breeka used to be.

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