No more Thyroid Madness

Levaxin (synthetic T4) is medicine we thyroid disease offered and many patients are doing very well on it but, there are also many who
do not regain their health with Levaxin, which is a synthetic hormone, but feel very bad with persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

I want this to be illuminated in the medical treatment!

These people are today without the help and medicine, although alternative treatment and knowledge available. There are more approved drugs such as Liothyronin and Natural thyroid hormone. This feeling not many patients, because most doctors do not offer this! Instead, these patients are only SSRIs, antidepressants or sick leave. The problem in these cases is that neither the patient healthier but many times more ill.

Depression associated with levaxinbehandling may involve the poor transformation of the body into the active hormone T3. With too little T3
hormone reduces serotonin in the brain which could give any depression doctors rarely take into consideration and that is the reason why the value T3 never measured.

Our desire is to:
• Samples TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and antibodies (TPO-Ab, Tg-Ab, TRAK), should be taken at all as suspects thyroid disease.

• To take into account the patient's mood and symptoms, and the doctor not only to ensure the TSH value because it can not be read to 100% of the actual amount of the active T3 hormone in the cell, nor determine the patient's mood.
• That one before Levaxinbehandling, investigate adrenal function so that a sufficient amount of cortisol produced in the body. It is written clearly on Levaxin's product facts that one must not be treated with this medication if problems with the adrenal glands are located. Exhausted adrenals with low cortisol levels are not able to take care of levaxinet, but can cause severe symptoms. Therefore, this should be dealt with first. Today it is common to cortisol never checked by doctors and many patients are denied this, arguing that it is too expensive.
• The training about thyroid disease is reviewed and updated, as it has not changed in about 60 years

• that values ​​are equal and non-discriminatory

• Own receptions with specialist knowledge of any imbalances on thyroid disease (Today we can not even get to the endocrinologist, but reference to the VC, where knowledge are rarely enough. Most referrals to the endocrinologist denied)


If the medicine Levaxin /T4 not make the patient free of symptoms and illness persists, the patient must be able to test alternatives to Levaxin . Liothyronin ( direct acting T3 ) or natural desiccated thyroid . That all doctors should have the same guidelines of TSH. If the patient has 2.5 or higher TSH with symptoms, medication offered !

The information that pregnant women TSH value should be below 2 must also become standard in all midwives. Otherwise we risk severe damage to the fetus. Most thyroid disease have low iron , B12 and D values ​​that must be addressed for the body to absorb the medication but also for the general condition . Therefore , samples ensure satisfactory values ​​Depot iron / ferritin , B12 and D vitamins . These should be at optimal levels and not only in reference!   NO MORE DEATH, let us have a decent life , let us live- not only survive !