No through traffic in Smallwood from Sommerset Subdivision

As residents of Washington, NC, we have already experienced the negative impact of increased traffic in our neighborhood. One of our own was injured due to this issue, a clear sign that something needs to change. We are deeply concerned about plans to open Thomas Place Rd. to traffic from Sommerset Place subdivision.

This proposed plan will inevitably lead to an increase in through traffic in our neighborhood, posing a significant safety risk for all residents - especially children and elderly individuals who live here. Furthermore, it will disrupt the peace and tranquility we currently enjoy.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), residential areas with high through traffic have higher rates of road accidents compared with those with less traffic flow (NHTSA). This statistic alone should be enough reason for us not only consider but prioritize safety over convenience.

We believe there are alternative solutions that can accommodate both parties without compromising on safety or peace within our community. We urge local authorities not just listen but act on this matter urgently before any more harm is done.

Please join us by signing this petition and help keep Washington safe for everyone who calls it home.



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