No to P.S. seeking to regulate homeschooling in PR

The undersigned urge the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to NOT approve Senate Bill 793 which seeks to 'regulate' education at home (homeschooling) in Puerto Rico. This measure infringes the provisions of Section 5, Article 2 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to safeguard the right to an education that will lead to the development of every human being:
"Everyone has the right to an education that will lead to the full
development of his personality and to the strengthening of respect for
human rights and fundamental freedoms. There will be a system
public education which is free and wholly non-sectarian. The
Education shall be free at primary and secondary school and, as far as
State facilities permit, it will be compulsory for primary school.
Compulsory attendance at public elementary schools, to
the extent where State facilities permit, as provided in the
hereunder, shall not be construed to apply to those receiving
elementary education in schools not established under government auspices.
The use public property or public funds will not be used to
support schools or educational institutions other than those under State charter.
Nothing in this provision shall prevent the State from providing
any child non-educational services established by law for the protection or welfare of children. "
Any regulation of this provision is an attack against the constitutional right of every citizen to freely educate their children, especially at home. Homeschooling is the best and most direct way toward the development of individuals, the most natural and fundamental system of education, used for centuries before the invention of the current system and better suited to educate our children. The same measure highlights the educational benefits of homeschooling versus the traditional system:
 From 1999 to the present has been an increase of about 75% the number of people studying at home.
 From the seventies graduation rate of students in public school in the US remains constant.
 73% of the people who educate their children at home, do not be satisfied with the traditional system.
 In tests on reading, language arts, math, science, social studies and other areas, show homeschooled students outperform public school by about 30%.
 Students who are educated at home show about 0.40 points above the average public school graduates.
 public school students show considerable disadvantages in the areas of communication, socialization and naturalization.
If it isn't broken, don't fix it! Since there is no problem with homeschooling and furthermore, it is a right protected by the Constitution then there is no sensible reason to regulate it. It is a frivolous and inconsequential measure and we ask the Legislature NOT to approve it. Thank You.