No to the commersial exploitation of the Norwegian Glacier and Nature-pearl Svartisen (The black Ice) for the production of ice cubes

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-Not for the exploitation of Naturisen Svartisen, for commercial ice-cube production!

They have tried once before, then we stopped them. Now they try again! This time with the help of bigger and more capitalist interests ...

Geir Olsen, Via Svaice A / S and Rambøll A / S are planning and have applied for a license to take out ice by helicopter in the heart of the most beautiful and valuable natural areas in Nordland. The area is located entirely on the border of Lahko / Svartisen National Park in Meløy Municipality, on Helgeland, Norway.

This is to be regarded as environmental crime!

The area for which a license is sought is 7 Quadratic miles big! This will cause major ice-icing, helicopter pollution, trailers, snowmobiles and other equipment, as well as massive noise! They have set up a Co2 account that ONLY applies to the helicopter. It is uncertain whether the consumption is calculated / measured with or without load. None of the other machines are included in the current detailed regulation and plan program. Neither do any other shipping, either locally or internationally. No real noise measurements have been made in the current area! They assume a noise measurement that is actually a previous measurement from an entirely different place, where they are currently NOT allowed to operate by helicopter in this way. These measurements are also incorrect, as the measurement was done without the helicopter load! Ergo is their impact assessment inadequate, and on the question how this affects the wildlife, they refer only to some sheep ... The last time they did not even know that people lived in Kilvika and nearby. We were corrected.

This case is no longer just about noise in residential areas. It is also about principles and what is ethically and morally sound. It's about pollution, the utilization of community resources to fill the pockets of a few, as well as nature and environmental protection. These natural areas should remain untouched! What happens if this goes through and gets a greater extent in the future? Is it possible to stop it then? What if the project in its entirety is being sold to large multinational companies? How much more or less backbone, will and opportunity can we expect our "elected representatives" in the future to stop such a project?

The ice is planned sold to rich interests around the world, so they can enjoy their drinks with exclusive black ice. Literally ... or, Svaice as it is called. This is completely irresponsible use of resources and in no way environmentally friendly, or useful. But, good luck ...

Such a project will be very harmful to anyone who is part of the local tourism industry, and in recent years tourism has reached quite new heights here in Meløy, and in northern Norway in general. The consequences of this project will lead to a weakening of the municipality in terms of reputation, and ultimately also economic. There are a number of actors who arrange everything from kayaking, paddling, cycling, and other walks and expeditions in the mountain world. In addition, the area is the entrance to Lahko National Park. Here they want to fly a lot with their helicopter? The consequences of this will be that both tourists and local wildlife will escape due to noise. This is also close to a large local hunting area, and reindeer husbandry is run in nearby areas. Trailer traffic will go beyond an already very bad, narrow and steep road, with completely dark tunnels, which are not intended for this type of traffic, and as before, is significantly busy, both by tourists and locals.

Help us with your signature so that once and for all we can end that unconscious and greedy capitalist powers get free space to exploit and destroy our beautiful and vital nature, for the sole purpose of enriching their own pockets!

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Magnus of Kilvik


"Treat the earth nicely: it was not given to you by your ancestors but borrowed to you by your children and their children again"

-Crazy Horze

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