Nobel Peace Prize to George Soros

To the Nobel Peace Prize Committee
Oslo, Parliament


Dear Mr. President,


We propose George Soros as the next Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is well-known that by his relentless and systematic support offered to the Hungarian, Czech and Polish opposition in the 1980’s, Soros had had a major contribution to the creation of democracy and to the break-up of the Warsaw Pact. Founded and chaired by him the Open Society Institute supports the cause of democratic transition everywhere in the world. Founded and supported by Soros, the Central European University has trained at high international standards thousands of students committed to democracy. By their openly anti-Soros propaganda campaignes governments in Bielorussia, Hungary after 2014 etc., infamous for their anti-democratic activities, also re-inforce the conviction of such forces about the symbolic significance of his person. In the issue of Foreign Policy published on July 19, 2016 he elaborated his position regarding the European migration crisis, which has been the most complex conception of the topic to date.

Iványi Gábor, priest
Lukács Péter, researcher of education
Majsai Tamás, theologist
Nagy Péter Tibor, sociologist
Szilágyi Gál Mihály, philosoph

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