Not NewYear concerts, help our children and our young people.

Huge sums of money are spent on unnecessary New Year's eve lighting, especially in today's pandemic-induced crisis conditions. The standard of citizens is low and a lot of children have that money that would literally mean life to.

The idea of this petition is to inform citizens of how the people elected manage the city/state budget and to help children suffering from serious illnesses.
And it's high time that the fates of sick children don't depend on someone's goodwill and how many SMS we send for them. So it doesn't have to be proof that we are and the proof is money that exists but is not redistributed according to priorities. There's nothing more important than the health of the children and their future.
A lot of money is spent on New Year's eve and organizing a welcome, to concerts by artists whose fees in those days/nights are enormously high while the same money could and should be deposited into a dedicated account for the treatment of sick children and youth.
Support this initiative and sign this petition because children's lives have no price, and many are the enemy. Let's move on! To the health of our children and youth!
The idea of the petition was the wishes of people who gathered a lot of signatures in Serbia, Bosnia and the surrounding area. Let's be humane, show humanity, humanity and love.

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