Not showing vehicles or victims of a accident.

I've been thinking about this for a long time, even before the story I'm about to tell. In August of 2015 my Uncle was killed in a tragic accident involving a dirt bike and the ATV he was driving, it was exactly as it was called an accident, two people in the wrong place at the wrong time. The day of the accident the local news stations here ran their story, very understandable as it was news that day. It was how they went about that affected my family and many others that have been through the same thing. During their report they showed my uncles bike which didn't look to have to much damage, one of his good friends had not heard about the accident yet but soon as seeing the bike on the news they knew it was his by the way it looked and the location. The thing that really bothered us the most was they showed him on the stretcher being carried to the ambulance, this wasn't from a few feet away either, this was as close as you could get. We know now that their was nothing they could of done to save him.  That image is something that I nor my family will ever forget. Then over a year later I'm eating supper and they show the same footage from my uncles accident to talk about ATV safety. They could of just shown the bike to show the dangers but they showed the whole footage of my uncle all over again. I also remember a local news report of a young man drowning, their footage was something I'm sure his family will never forget either, they showed this man on a stretcher with the paramedics pretty much on top of him trying to revive him. I do not see the need to constantly tear at a families heart doing this. A lot of times when they report an accident it's two min after it happened, imagine sitting down to dinner and seeing your child's car beat up on the news or see them on a stretcher. Why can't we have the news tell us the story without all the graphics, does it make the story that much greater. Not in my books it don't.