Nuka-Cola by Coca~Cola.

Understanding the success and attention that is brought through promotional marketing to the gaming community, especially in snack foods and sodas that are very commonly associated with gaming crowds, it is overwhelmingly unprecedented that a 6 pack of glass bottle CocaCola with promotional Fallout 4 packaging design dubbed "Nuka-Cola" would be successful.


After the success of Pepsi's Mt.Dew Product "GameFuel"  that assisted promoting games such as Halo 3, World of Watercraft, Call of Duty MW3, Halo 4. Advanced Warfare. A product that continues to sell today, it's ever so clear that this product would be a successes. Here are some reasons why:

1. Just from reading this you already want it.

2. The announcement trailer racked in about 580,000 views in the first 24 hours, that means about 4,000 people were watching every 60 seconds.

3. Over YouTube, Twitch, and other media outlets combined there were about 3 Million viewers watching Bethesda's E3 conference, (that's 1% of the US population!) this gives you an idea of how many people care.

4. Considering the similarities in Coca and Nuka I'm sure Bethesda has some kind of trademark deal associated with Coke anyway.

5. This game is huge and is only going to grow with marketing. Selling to this audience is worth a season of design change if nothing else.

6. Why wouldn't they want to compete with Pepsi in this market?

7. The collectors edition of Fallout 4 flew off the shelves so fast, most of us didn't have time to grab our wallets, people love Fallout, and collectible memorabilia.

8. This game (as well as all of Bethesdas games) will be game of the year. It will win multiple awards and be in the media consistently.

9. A perfect opportunity to collaborate with Bethesda, a HUGE company that deals in designing engines for other developers, which in turn is collaborating with Sony/Microsoft effecting all Xbox, PlayStation, and PC consumers. What a broad market!