Brokers hold OACIQ accountable for hidden membership fees- 2013

Brokers hold OACIQ accountable for hidden membership fees- 2013

  • OACIQ is a non-profit organization.

  • The mission of the Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec as prescribed by the Quebec real estate brokerage law - is to protect the public by monitoring the professional activities of all real estate brokers and agents.

  • OACIQ published a total of 17,384 permit owners, excluding those whose permit had been suspended.

  • OACIQ published a total of 3632 chartered real estate brokers, 1362 real estate agencies and 41 mortgage agencies.

  • OACIQ informed all of the certified real estate brokers, via email, that they were under the obligation to follow a mandatory 2 hour Internet course on the subject of collaboration, at a cost of $150 per permit holder.

  • The revenues generated for the OACIQ by this mandatory training equates to $2,607,600 (17,384 brokers x $150).

  • OACIQ also informed all Chartered/Certified certificate holders, regardless if they act as an agency, or directors, that they are also obligated to follow a mandatory course on the subject of agency ownership, at a cost of $300 per broker.

  • The revenues generated for the OACIQ by this mandatory training equals $1,511,700 (3,636+1,362+41= 5,039 x $300=1,511,700).

  • The sum of revenues generated for the OACIQ by these 2 mandatory training courses equals  $4,119,300.

  • We find these costs abusive, unjustified, and non-representative of the real cost to the OACIQ for the creation, implementation and distribution of such training.

  • We are concerned that this mandatory training set forth by the OACIQ is simply a pretense to increase its revenues by disguising it as a membership fee increase.

  • We are concerned that the OACIQ is in default of its mission to protect the public. The OACIQ appears to modify at their own will and whim the Quebec Real Estate Brokerage law and its regulations as a means to controlling and profiting from Real Estate professionals. These are professionals who have successfully completed the curriculum and examinations prescribed by the law, necessary for the deliverance of a valid exercise permit, and pay the imposed fees which exceed by far the prescribed annual fees, under the threat of suspending their exercise permit.

  • The responsibility of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB), the Federation of Quebec Real Estate Boards (FCIQ), and all real estate boards in Quebec is to actively promote and protect the professional and business interests of its members in order for them to successfully accomplish their business goals.


Consequently, we request that our respective Real Estate Boards and the FCIQ take a firm stance in what we consider flagrant abuse and breach of contract, and express clearly their intention to protect the interests of their members.

  • We request that the OACIQ be informed of the real estate boards’ disapproval concerning imposed fees on the above mentioned training, and revoke their use or creation of any future “mandatory” training.

  • We request that all real estate boards and the FCIQ take a stance and ask all their members to not follow the aforementioned mandatory training.

  • We request all Real Estate boards and the FCIQ to obtain legal counsel in the possibility of undertaking legal action in the eventuality that the OACIQ revokes or suspends the exercise permit of Brokers who have not followed the mandatory training set forth by the OACIQ, up to and including the institution of a class action suit demanding the reimbursement to all members of fees for the year 2013.

  • We request that that all Real Estate boards and the FCIQ also seek legal counsel on the possibility of instilling a pre-judgment seizure of the amounts requested via the class action suit.

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