One Million to ban brutal massacre of Lions!

People are raising them.... Children play with these lion cubs in a petting zoo. Accustoming them to

people and throwing them off their guard and fear...

When they reach appropriate weight and size they are sedated and sentenced to death by well –
paying tourist’s weapons.

The most disgusting form to murder animals.

In the recent six decades the number of lions has dropped in the World bellow 30 thousand from 400

The species is on the edge of extinction!

The authorities slow reaction time, the capture of animals natural habitat, unscrupulous business
interest and all those most hell-bents who use this, give a credence to the whole industry.

You have to move on now or those who come after us, they will see only on social media pictures
how beautiful was the King of the Animals!

Act right now to be otherwise!

Sign the petition!

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