In March the European Union decided to close its international borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. An important decision that had to be taken to protect the health of the citizens.

Meanwhile, governments are preparing a safe exit strategy to unlock their country, taking into consideration further health and safety measures. 

People will soon have the opportunity to meet their family and visit their friends inside the country again. Hope is growing...

On the other hand, for people who are seperated by borders because their family or partner doesn’t live in the same country, there’s not much comforting news. Member States would like to keep the borders closed to foreigners for several months. We certainly understand that there is no place for touristic travel in this crisis because it could spread the virus more. But...

What if your partner do not live under the same roof, you are not married yet and even so more, you do not live in the same country? What if your family lives in another country? All our future plans, together, are now "on hold".

We are also living hard and uncertain times, we want to have some understanding for our problem. It’s important for our well-being.m to have the nearness of our loved ones. In the whole European Union but also beyond, there are families and lovers separated by closed borders.

Our intentions to “travel” and to see each other are essential. We don't want to cross borders for recreational or touristic reasons. 

Opening the borders should be made possible for partners and families provided that we have a responsible behavior and that we all continue following the health measures.

We like to ask attention for this problem. It is a human right that everyone can be reunited with our loved ones not only national citizens. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights say: 1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, and to be free to leave and return to their own country, 2.Everyone has the right to marry and to have a family. These rights and wanting to be with someone of different nationality is a sign of a developed society.

We call on the Federal Council and the Parliament in each country to open the borders for visit our partners and family members.

We hope that this petition will be a concession similar to the opening of the border between Austria and Germany. (

*Petition text:

The opening of international borders for couples and families not living in the same country is an important matter. It will NOT increase the spread of the virus if:

1. There are good and effective measures taken by the Member States to let us, as non-tourists, cross the borders.

2.There is an European cooperation about this case and solidarity.

3. We are all responsible citizens and know how to deal with an re-opening.

Therefore an opening up even supports the existing measures (immune system, the importance of well-being and perseverance). The virus is already in the countries, closing the borders for lovers and families does not improve anything.

Kind regards

All families and couples seperated by borders

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