Open letter to the landlord of the Club Charlotte

Dear Landord of the Club Charlotte,

In the last few years you have given a handfull of people the opportunity to create something very special. The "Lotte" unites love to music, professional sound, great bookings, warm DJ and event support and sense of well being on the dance floor.

Despite difficult basic financial requirements, the people in charge have remained faithfull to their philosphy. They have presented demanding club music on one of the best installations in a very creative as well as tolerant setting and have worked as efficiently as posssible. This is a special piece of club cluture, noticeable to visitors right away and also an enrichment for the whole city. This is far from easy given we are living in fast-paced times where mostly businesses are working on a profit oriented level.

They have mastered this with blood, sweat and tears and thus not only convincing myself, but also a local as well as international community behind it that truly know how to appreciate exactly that. Therefor, the club has been repeatedly selected among the most popular veneus in Germany. Now at a point were the obstacles seemed insurmountable, over 900 people have generated over 100.000€ through a CrowdFunding project within a few weeks because they know what is at stake. Every single contribution was driven in a creative way from people who would otherwise not have been able to do so. Only the community as a whole could reach this goal.

Münster would not only lose a club, but an oasis of freedom as well. A place where creativity and tolerance are lived. A living room for the national and international trance- and techno scene, which atrracts visitors from all corners of the continent to Münster. A location with a future that has only begun to become what it could be.

Please give it a chance.

with kind greetings

Robin Winter