Open Puerto Rico Safely

We hereby petition the Government of Puerto Rico to open businesses effective immediately.


On March 14th the world had limited data regarding the effects of the Coronavirus, and the information available at the time was alarming.   With the limited data available, the Puerto Rico government correctly quarantined the population to avoid a massive outbreak and potentially high death counts.  

Statistical Data:

Recent data has provided us information to determine the real threat of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Scientist from Oxford, New York, California and others have provided statistical information regarding the infection rate being 25 to 44 times the amount of confirmed infections. This implies there were/are 25 million to 44 million cases of infected individuals in the United States.  Although deaths have been reported to be inflated, the death rate average is still .0016 of those infected or .00015 of the entire US population.

Masks continue provide adequate protection to our healthcare providers and active infection rates appear to be dropping while the general population continue to use them for their essential jobs and shopping.

4/28 Puerto Rico has had 1400 confirmed cases and 86 deaths attributed to this virus.  According to statistics there are 35,000-61,000 people on the island who have contacted the virus.  Data graphs depict a downward slope in deaths and new cases.

Proposed Solution:

1. Remove the mandatory shutdown orders and allow the majority of businesses to reopen immediately.

2. Ensure masks are used where vulnerabilities exist.  The risks associated with this virus has been greatly mitigated using masks and other PPE equipment. Ensuring these measures are in place prior to opening Puerto Rico businesses will further reduce infections.

3. Slowly phase in businesses which have higher risk of spreading contamination.  The phase-in process should be adjusted according to the capabilities of the health system to monitor infections.

4. Continue special support to vulnerable classes for shopping and medical needs.

Risk management should alway be factored when passing laws.  The risk levels for this virus should be at a level acceptable to open up the economy.

Our concerns:

Failure to open Puerto Rico will have lasting and damning consequence's.  Hundreds of restaurants and small businesses have announced shutting their doors permanently, hundreds more are on the verge of the same fate.  UN health department reports 10+million will die of hunger was a result of the world-wide shutdowns.  Cancer deaths are on the rise as a result of not getting proper treatment.  

The government should be concerned with all aspects of this pandemic including the consequences. The people are suffering and when there are solutions available that are not being implemented, this becomes a crime committed by the government upon the people.  

Open Puerto Rico safely today. 

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