Optional Hungarian subtitles in all games!

Dear game developers!

We Hungarian players, the following petitioners, would ask you to provide us an optional high-quality Hungarian subtitles in all of your games (at least in the future releases)! This applies to any printed material and includes all the spoken and written text that appears in the game!

We outraged at the fact that we pay the same amount of money to buy the games (at a relatively high ratio to the incomes in Hungary) as the English or the German speakers but we cannot enjoy them in our own language at 100%. So we get a lot less for our moneythan the British, the German and the French gamers.

We know that dubbing the games costs a lot of money and extra work, but we think that a Hungarian subtitle should be included at the current price of games.

We think that a lot more games would be sold if we saw Hungarian subtitles. And you would also reach popularity among the Hungarian players.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and for your work that you do for us.