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As residents, we have had discussions with several Zipblinds vendors about installing Zipblinds on our balconies, and they in turn spoke with the MA about the allowable configuration for Zipblinds. We have no choice but to follow the layouts suggested by "Architect" via MA, as this would result in unsightly tracks right in the middle of the balcony, which is unacceptable.

As Park Colonial residents, we comply with your colour guidelines, but we also desire our homes to look as good as you desire your façade. In order to resolve this issue amicably, we request the following:

1.       To allow single panel zipblinds on our balcony for all units regardless of length of balcony and unit type.

2.       To allow a single panel zipblinds to cover the balcony access for ground floor unit regardless of unit type.

3.       To allow side panel’s pelmet facing outward.

As Residents, we agree to follow the colour recommendations. Our only request is to have the track guide blinds system for all units to be less rigid, and more flexible depending on aesthetics and needs. Taking all of the above into account, it is our hope that you will reconsider your balcony zipblinds layout recommendations.

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