Paul Vegas for Commercial Radio

  1. Hi, 93.4 Mafisa fm has moulded me today into an R&B giant that I am presently. Despite my passion and knowledgeability for music (R&B) especially. My greatest moment of introduction to radio was when I met Mr Given Mkhari and his associate Mr Bonnke Shipalan some years back. He Mr Mkhari said the same statement my old English teacher did back in high school. (if your wallet was big as your mouth you'd be a millionaire).  How ironical was that?  Mr Mkhari proceeded in a much more professional manner after a shared brief moment of laughter. He asked me if I have ever done radio or television before? I said No politely as he Mr Bonnke Shipalan added another joke by saying ( I have a radio face)!!! We laughed over that before in conclusion Mr Mkhari told me to get into any community radio station to sharpen my talent build a profile and he handed me his business card. The excitement was unbearable and lady luck was also on my side. Radio Mafisa management was so sincere enough to offer me a platform of practice and within a full week I was live. I have never blinked since that opportunity that was given to me which I still use accordingly. But now after some years within the community station. I deeply feel that I am ready to expend my horizon and put my experiences to a test. I decided to create this petition in order to indicate my eagerness because most submitted demos I have done has not been replied. This is just another initiative to be heard.  I am appealing for support and in return of quality R&B on my radios. Remember, was told that " I have radio face ". Take me home please!!!