Pay attention to the quality of food sets for low-income families

In Britain, schools are once again closed for quarantine. To support low-income families during this time, the government provided for the issuance of vouchers of 30 pounds or food baskets for the corresponding amount. To do this, the government contracted with a private company to collect and deliver the food baskets.

We condemn Chartwells, which, contrary to the agreement, delivers kits for much less than 30 pounds. For example, one mother, after calculating the cost of groceries, found that she could have bought them at the supermarket for £5.22. It turned out that this woman was not the only one who had received such a poor quality kit. Famous soccer player Marcus Rushford provided information in his tweet about other families who faced such a problem. Clearly, the Chartwells campaign is profiting at the expense of low-income families.

We ask that the government immediately turn its attention to this situation and take appropriate action. The company's dishonest behavior should not be allowed to starve low-income families during lockdown. It is important to force them to follow established standards for food parcels. They must contain the necessary variety of foods for a nutritious diet.

If Chartwells is unable to meet its obligations, it is imperative that the government contract with another independent supplier.

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