Petition against Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa

This is to petition the South African Government. The South African Head of State, and the incumbent chair of the AU; Cyril Ramaphosa to heed our call as informed South African and African youth and people, against the planned Mass vaccinations and possible mass sterilization or genocide of African people as a whole. We urge the Ramaphosa Government, and African Heads of State (Governments) to stand up and be remembered as bold, heroes, heroines, and agents of African and global change. Those who stood for Truth and not the pathetic servants, boys, and girls of Western Elite Powers.  

The petition relates to the imminent mass vaccinations of Abantu in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Although this petition is particularly focused on protecting Abantu, due to the historical prejudices, injustices, and crimes against African and black people globally, it is not exclusive neither is it racist but invokes the Spirit of humanity and Oneness.

We thus call on African governments to seek alternative, African centered solutions geared towards the protection of the African Child, woman, and man and the restoration of health through African medicine, procedures, and modalities.

We would like to iterate that we have greater confidence in African/Black Healers and doctors (traditional and medical) as well as African methods of healing. We believe these methods are safe and will be geared towards the restoration of the African body (health), without ulterior motives including monetary gains.  We thus call for African Solutions to African Problems!

We urge African Governments to immediately reallocate the millions that are to be allotted to Western pharmaceuticals and governments, towards establishing and funding African Health institutions and traditional healers. Who in turn will train young African youth in the Ancient, proven, and effective African healing methods which are also the oldest healing methods in human history. This will establish these proven African methods as, reliable methods.

We would like to alert the African heads of States, Western Pharmacy, and the world in general that we, we Abantu, do not trust, nor accept man-made Technology (Western) with our bodies and health – regardless of how much confidence they have in themselves.

The African definition of The "Soul" is not an amorphous, non-physical form. In the African definition, the unseen, internal organisms - including but not limited to our DNA, RNA, Endocrine systems, and glands such as the Pineal gland constitute the Soul. As such, this petition is a cry out to Save Our Souls from harm.

We as Abantu hold the Soul to be very sacred. It is the sacred dwelling Place of the Highest Creative Power/Spirit or (Umoya Oyingcwele/Ruach).  


We thus reject the use of Western, Pharmaceutical Vaccines on Abantu based on  the following additional reasons among others:

1)  Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the Satanic establishment seek to turn our global terrain into a mass laboratory for human experimentation.  


2) We reject the use of any technology that seeks to genetically modify the Sacred Soul into a new "artificial", man-made form - through the use of Artificial Intelligence. We are and desire to remain Natural beings reflective of the Highest form of Intelligence evident in all the vast Creations. (Natural Intelligence). It is widely known that with the latest advancements in science, scientists can now target certain genes or racial groups through the latest RNA Technology.  


3) We do not trust Western Pharmaceuticals and the Western Powers in general, due to the long history of crimes against Abantu. This includes but is not limited to the ongoing colonization and destruction of African lands for resources. The mass systematic killings of black people through Western policy. The Historic genocides of black people. The deliberate inoculation of black women for purposes of sterilization. The genocide of black children throughout the continent by the Gates Foundation and other Western private and government institutions geared towards population control and black genocide.  


4) We keep in mind the Tuskegee experiments in the USA. The mass infectious of Southern African people with HIV aids for profit and population control. It is under these same conditions that we reject entirely, the inoculation of the entire African populations through Western Pharmaceutical vaccines  


5) The rapid and abbreviated testing in bringing these vaccines to market required an “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) – this means safety testing is st testing is still going on. Additionally, this type of vaccine is an entirely different mechanism – using genetic material instead of a weakened virus strain. This further contributes to our reservations.  


6) The recent discovery of a new strain of the COVID virus – which may or may not be responsive to the current vaccine, further undermines our confidence in this route of “protection.”  


7) Finally, the best protection is a fortified immune system which is accomplished through a preventive lifestyle regimen and subsequent additional actions (E.g., healthy diet, herbs, exercise, etc.). These methods are proven and relate to natural African healing methods known to African healers and still largely practiced by indigenous African populations.

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