Petition against fear in Joensuu

Joensuu is beginning to witness the vigilante-style street patrols of so-called ‘White Finland’, which are connected to Finnish right-wing extremist groups. Joensuu has already experienced a period of open racism that led to violence, fear and a seemingly eternal scar on the city’s reputation. This must not happen again.

This petition demonstrates that the residents of Joensuu want a city that is open and respects everyone. Please sign this petition to tell that you do not want our beautiful city to fall victim to ugly racism. 

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Petition against fear in Joensuu

Joensuu and Joensuu residents know all too well what it means when violence and racism are given room to grow. The tragic events of the 1990s left their mark on the city, its residents and reputation. We came to understand that difficult things do not disappear quietly. This proved true in 1997, when thousands of Joensuu residents marched for a Joensuu free from fear. The authorities woke up and began to act on behalf of the city and its residents’ safety. The community moved to protect itself and this work has continued ever since.

Public racism and violence are again trying to resurface in Joensuu and across the country. It is therefore of the utmost importance to observe a strict zero-tolerance policy against racist activities whenever they arise, whether in words or deeds. We need this everywhere, from the classroom to the home and from official institutions to public spaces. We the undersigned, individuals and organisations, demand that Joensuu remain an open city, diverse and respectful to all. Only such a Joensuu will remain a comfortable, successful and thriving city. We the undersigned commit ourselves to zero-tolerance of racism and call on the police, the Joensuu city authorities and other officials to intervene immediately to stop racist acts, violence and intimidation.

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