Petition against SHA vaccination policy for health care workers

SHA is developing a policy to mandate the SARS CoV 2 vaccine for all healthcare workers across the province. Many workers are not anti vaccination but are against a vaccine that has not completed its clinical trials and has a plethora of side effects, including death. 

The SARS CoV 2 vaccinations that are currently available in Canada do not prevent contracting the virus nor do they prevent transmission of the virus. Employees who have chosen not to get vaccinated are being discriminated against since both vaccinated and unvaccinated can transmit SARS CoV 2 to patients.

The efficacy of the available vaccinations is questionable.  In the month of September 27.72% of fully vaccinated patients who were hospitalized died, while only 10.05% of non vaccinated patients who require hospitalization died of SARs CoV 2.

As it stands now SHA policy will not include natural immunity to SARs CoV 2. Natural immunity is the best protection against SARS CoV 2. Natural immunity has been completely ignored in the Saskatchewan governments and SHA vaccination policies.

The 4th wave of the pandemic is not the time to be placing highly trained staff on leave or terminated. A safer alternative would be to test all employees with rapid test upon their arrival to work. 


Last years hero’s this year unemployed!!!!



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