Petition Against the Unjust Hike in Fees

 Petition Against the Unjust Hike in Fees

The purpose of this petition is to unite the students of the government aided Parvatibai Chowgule College Arts and Science (Autonomous) in a firm stance against its exorbitant increment in fees.

This unprecedented inflation of fees (70% increase in some courses) comes without sufficient prior notice or any discussion involving the students and their parents. It has thrown a right wrench in our financial plans and has been the cause of mass distress. Some students outright cannot afford the fees and some find it out of the scope of their student loans, while others want to know exactly what their parents' hard earned money is being used for. 

Keep in mind that ours is a government aided college that does not require so much money to run courses that aren't self financed. Coupled with the fact that the students here study a very different syllabus and cannot simply leave and continue their education at some other institution without having to restart their college education entirely, makes this unwarranted increase in fees seem more like an extortion. 

Letters have been sent and more letters are on the way. We await the institution's reply and if the reply seems inadequate and unsatisfactory, this petition will be used to appeal to the authorities like the Goa University or even higher to the Education Ministry to launch an inquiry of whether the fee structure has been approved and why.

So the goal here is to collect as many student signatures as we can and make the college revert the fee structure back to what it was or as close to it as possible. Sign up and do not let our resolve dwindle, for we might quite possibly be in the midst of a right swindle.    Contact the author of the petition

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