Petition for annulment of all illegal entries of Serbian Orthodox Church over Montenegrin monasteries and churches and return them to the state of Montenegro

Dear Sisters and Brothers Montenegrins in Montenegro and Diaspora, regardless of religion and political affiliations,  

I URGE YOU TO JOIN THE PETITION by signing it and striving to correct a century old injustice and that the religious buildings built by our ancestors finally return to the property of the state of Montenegro.

"Independent and internationally recognized Kingdom of Montenegro was occupied and annexed by Serbia in 1918. In the same year Montenegro ceased to exist as an independent country, contrary to international law, treaties, customary law and morals, as well as contrary to the norms of the Montenegrin Constitution and Law. Rulers of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians also joined the realization of the project to establish Serbian Patriarchy. At that time a procedure was initiated for the abolition of the autochthonic Montenegrin Orthodox Church. It was performed without the legitimacy, contrary to the norms of the Constitution of Montenegro (1905), still formally lawful, and contrary to the Constitution of the Holy Synod of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (1903), which was also in effect at that time. " - Novak Adzic  

The results of the petition will be sent to the address of the Assembly of Montenegro.    


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