Petition for building a Museum for the Image in Romania

We want a museum for the image in Romania . Do you?
Long time ago, photographs had jagged edges and a warm smell to it. They were born in dark rooms, from quiet and skillful hands. Film rolls were ticking behind cinema halls, over the hundreds of eyes that were not blinking, while expecting the kiss on the big screen. Back then, images were not counted in MB and megapixels. There were places in the world that were counted in palms, silver basins and years. Romania is one of the few European countries that still does not have a center for saving, conserving and exposing historic photographs. Hundreds of images – photographs, film rolls, glass negatives – are deteriorating each year due to poorly preservation conditions. Other thousands never get to be seen by the public, as they are being trapped în cartboard cases, old cellars and improvised studios.
Who are we?
We are the people that created Photo Romania Festival. A community of photographers and image passionates that work for the last six years for a center of artistic and visual education of European relevance for our country. We did it – since two years ago, we are the largest photography event from Eastern Europe and on the map of the largest events of this type in the world. We have the idea of a museum for the image since 2004, when we had a temporary exhibition for the history of photography: over 500 pieces and image collections, important moments in the history of Romanian and world photographic history. The success of the project, the promises from the local authorities and the support of the photographic community made us work together for builing a permanent center for the conservation and proper exposure of historic photographs.
What do we want?
We want a permanent space anywhere in Romania, that can provide professional archiving and exposure conditions for photographs, negatives and equipment. The existance of such a center would mean saving thousands of images that are being deteriorated uncontrollably. The museum will be a first real and oportunity to document the visual history of Romanaia, a modern and educational center, that will bring to the same table similar institutions from all over the world. Romanian film and photography are being appreciated by the public for many years by curators, columnists and general public. The museum for the history of the images will promote romanian contemporary and will help us harness the memory of former artists.
We want the Image Museum to include:
  • Four sections: media - video - photo - communication
  • An exhibition space for images and historical equipment .
  • A professional location for the refurbishment, conservation and digitization of images.
    An space for image archiving.
    A room for projections of film and photography.


How can you help ?
Sign the petition and distribute here. We want to grow the community of lovers image. We want to keep , to save , to educate through images , photography and film. We will present our project to the Government of Romania, through the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and History Museum will turn along Image reality. 
The image is the only language understood all over the world and the vital way to understand each other. We find a common understanding of the world we live in and we remember who we are now.

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