Petition For Giant Bomb to Fire Patrick Klepek

Fellow Giant Bomb Users,

The time has come for the vocal majority to be heard by those that can institute change. For too long, Giant Bomb users and its community have been subjected to the opinions, agendas, and ignorance of Patrick Klepek, and it is time for US, the true Duders, to make change and rid this once wonderful site of this unqualified "games journalist."

He clearly must be under contract, which is why they haven't gotten rid of him yet, but this petition aims to point out why they should void his contract immediately, regardless of any financial issues that may arise.

Let me go over why Patrick Klepek has no business writing articles or being featured in video productions for Giant Bomb:

1. He Is Not An Original Duder 
Since Patrick Klepek was hired at Giant Bomb, a great many of us have asked, "Why?" What did Giant Bomb lack that caused them to reach out to a second rate hack whose biggest life experience is writing for G4? G4!!! You know, that TV channel that shows re-runs of COPS 24 hours a day?

Patrick Klepek clearly has no chemistry with Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, or any of the other TRUE Duders, and you can see that on a daily basis where Patrick shoe horns his way into EVERY Quick Look, and on a weekly basis during the Giant Bombcast, where he can be heard interrupting and shouting down everybody else, while the other Duders just sigh.

Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, and Brad come from backgrounds intimately tied to being REAL game journalists from their years at GameSpot, while Patrick would be more at home writing Tumblr posts and tweeting them to his three friends and mom. The contrast in experience is astounding, and we endure Klepek's hack journalism on a near daily basis now, which I'm sure makes all the other Duders just shake their heads in regret every day over signing that contract.

2. His Taste in Games Sucks!
One need only look at Patrick's GoTY list for last year to understand just how much of a pretentious hipster jerkwad he is. In this, he doesn't connect to the greater community of Duders in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. The only games he ever Quick Looks are dumb pixel indie games because retro is SO HIPSTER! Nobody likes watching these videos as you may be able to tell from the comments on YouTube!

3. The Community Hates Him!
Piggybacking off my previous point, look at any video or article Patrick posts on the site. Look at the comments. Notice a trend? WE DO NOT LIKE PATRICK!

Get your head in the game Giant Bomb. We're the reason you're here and when THIS MANY of us don't like something, it doesn't mean KEEP GIVING US MORE PATRICK! We want more videos with Vinny and Ryan and Brad and Jeff like the old days and not "Nameless Shitty Indie Game #29837 Hour With Patrick Klepek."

4. His Articles Are Trash
None of us come to Giant Bomb to read about the excrement Patrick keeps posting about. You are a VIDEO GAME website, not Patrick's LiveJournal to whine about why he doesn't have a vagina and isn't named Patricia. The very fact that Patricia can use an esteemed site like Giant Bomb as a platform to spew her feminist/gay pride agenda should be criminal and has ruined this once great VIDEO GAME site.

Even when Patricia posts about video games it's about inane and arbitrary things nobody cares about. Instead of telling us about engines, graphics, or release dates, Patricia has to make every article about FEELINGS or something completely unrelated.  It's all drivel and nonsense and we KNOW you're better than this, Giant Bomb.

I'm sure other Duders out there can think of a ton more reasons as to why Patrick Klepek simply doesn't belong on Giant Bomb, but THESE FOUR POINTS are the biggest reasons why Ryan and Jeff need to do the right thing and get rid of him.

I will not continue supporting a video game site that can't just be a video game site anymore.   I don't read blogs because they're for girls and I'm not a girl. Do the right thing, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, and Jeff, and get rid of this hipster douchebag.