Petition for information systems in the new University of Turku

Turku School of Economics and University of Turku are merging in the beginning of the year 2010. At the moment there are some preliminary plans made for the new University. Some of the key subjects at the moment are the student information systems and the email service. Currently University of Turku has a student information system called NettiOpsu and Turku School of Economics uses a system called WebOodi. Email systems are also very different. TSE uses MS Outlook and UTU has their own system called UTU webmail.

UTU's NettiOpsu has fewer features than TSE's WebOodi. We want the student information system to have the following features:

- register yourself to a course through the internet and the system automatically places you in the course in the order of registration

- make your personal study programme ((E)HOPS)

- have access to your student records 24 hours a day

- order your transcript of studies at all times

- give feedback on the courses online

- online course description

- register yourself for semesters and pay the student union fee through the internet

- register for exams

- and view and update your personal information

These features are all possible in TSE's WebOodi, but in UTU's NettiOpsu you can only do the last two things on the list.

We also would like that MS Outlook would remain to be our email system also in the future, because:

- it can be easily synchronized with other Microsoft applications

- and it allows us to use different colours and text types in our messages

UTU webmail doesn't provide these features that we need our email system to have.

These are the reasons for this petition. We hope that you will sign it because that is the only way to make a difference!

Etunimi: First name
Sukunimi: Last name
Paikkakunta: Place of living (for example Turku)
Sähköpostiosoite: Email adress
Sähköpostiosoitteen näkyvyys ( ylläpito/ adressin tekijä + ylläpito/ näkyy kaikille (julkinen)): Do you want your email adress to be shown ( maker on the petition + everyone can see it (public))
Saako allekirjoituksen julkaista netissä (kyllä/ei): Do you want your name shown in the internet (yes/no)