Petition OLX to stop supporting breeders and puppy mills.

OLX is one of the largest advertisers of dogs and other pets for sale online in South Africa. This supports breeders and puppy mills at a time when pet overpopulation is rampant in South Africa. We ask that you support our petition to ask OLX to stop advertising pets for sale.

Some of the advertisers are reputable breeders, but many are simply puppy mills that breed dogs and cats under less than ideal circumstances. One of the more unsavoury tactics used by these breeders is to show animals in terrible conditions or dogs or cats too young to eat by themselves claiming that the mother has died. This makes many unsuspecting customers feel obligated to buy the puppies or kittens to save their lives.

While these unscrupulous people sell puppies and kittens online, animal shelters in South Africa are bursting at the seams with unwanted companion animals. Of these less than half are eventually adopted while the rest live out their lives in kennels or are euthanised. The only way to reverse this is to stop supporting breeders and puppy mills and instead adopt a sterilised pet from a reputable rescue organisation.

Please join us in petitioning OLX to ban advertising of pets for sale online.

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