Petition to Allow Wausau West Master Singers to Sing

We the undersigned disagree with the recent Wausau School District decision to create a quota regarding music (Wausau Daily Herald online news—10/4/14: “5 secular songs to every sacred song” used in Wausau school’s music departments and/or concerts). This decision appears to be unreasonable censorship, anti-intellectual, and an unwarranted attack on people of faith.

The history of education has always sided against censorship. We want our children to be exposed to the world’s great music—and an inordinate amount of that music is sacred. Wise education embraces this truth and celebrates it: rather than seeking censorship and revisionist history. In addition, this decision appears to undermine one of Wausau’s greatest treasures: a music department and tradition that is outstanding. We respectfully ask that you suspend this decision immediately and reconsider it at an open forum where our community’s wishes can be heard and followed.

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