Petition to designate Merville Gate 2 as a sticker-only gate and move delivery van entry to Gate 1.

Whereas Merville Park Gate 2 has become the primary ingress of village residents because of

1. the development of C5 as the main access to the village, and,

2. the congestion along the Merville Access Road outside Gate 1 caused by the closure of Pasay Barangay 201.

Whereas delivery vans entering Gate 2 are required to stop at the 2 guard outposts as well make a third stop a little further inside to secure their gate passes causing a logjam.

We, therefor, would like to petition the Merville Park Village Association Board of Directors to transfer the ingress of delivery vans to Gate 1 and limit entry via Gate 2 to vehicles with stickers.

This move would make ingress into Merville Park easier for residents and sticker holders. 

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