Petition to Fedeen from the EK players

Dear Fedeen, we the players, are pretty fed up of your poor rewards and nonsensical decisions.
Not only are your terrible decisions making the game worse, but you're costing your company money.

What we want is more clarity in events and the month of events planned out on Facebook, so that we know what to expect.

Let's talk about recent decisions, why they were bad and how they could have been better.

World Tree... Both of the reward cards are truly terrible rewards, every one has dozens of those cards spare, no one needs the rewards, so no one will really be gemming World Tree. The players and Fedeen both lose.
Give us desirable rewards, we'll give you gems.

The Thief event... These are just terrible in general and a waste of gems because getting the one desirable card is almost impossible.
Either ditch Thief events, make it clan based or give us a good main card, so it makes the chase for the special card, worthwhile.

Angra Mainyu... You released the fodder for Angra Mainyu before any one knew it was the fodder, not only did this punish the players, but it lost you a lot of money. This was a mess up of epic proportions.
If you had let people know Skydweller was the fodder beforehand or ideally, released the Skydweller packs after the Arena Event ended, you would have made a hell of a lot of money and the player base would have been much happier.

Moving forward, you need to get out of this crazy mindset of this event doesn't make much, let's give them bad rewards. Maybe if you gave us good rewards, you would make much more.

In a lot of events like World Tree, we're stuck in a vicious cycle of you give us poor cards, we give you no gems, you give us poor cards, we give you no gems... So on and so forth.

Only you can break this cycle. Give us value for money, give us something we desire and we will give you our hard earned money.

The way you're going, it's like you're trying to kill the game because your decisions aren't logical and don't benefit you or us.

The game is very unstable compared to a month ago and the issues that happened on Destiny need to be learned from so that can never happen again.
The server problems that are currently still ongoing need to be fixed and fixed fast.

People are leaving in droves through all the server issues, the cheating and terrible decisions and Fedeen look like they're in panic mode and don't know how to handle the situation so we propose that you have some kind of week long holiday event that's fun with good rewards to try and lift this cloud of gloom that is hanging over all of us and to make us think positively about the game again.

Hopefully this brings back the players that recently quit, so the sooner the better really.

- We want better rewards for our time, money and effort.
- We want the servers to be fixed as they're currently very unstable with network errors.
- We want better communication with Fedeen and hopefully, have the full month of events and card releases published on Facebook at the start of the month, so we can plan accordingly.                                                                 - We would like if possible, something good and positive to happen with the game, like a mini-fun event or something with decent rewards.

Please sign this petition with your in-game name, clan and server.