Petition to get the Village of Illiopolis IL to clean, repair and maintain the drainage, water main and sewer system.

We the people of the Village of Illiopolis IL are petitioning the village to clean, repair, service and properly maintain its drainage, water main, streets and sewer system. This has been an major issue for many years with little to no resolve. It is a nuisance and causes damage to peoples property and homes. The drains are completely blocked and grass is growing in the streets. Our streets are caving in and the potholes from the water sitting in the street cause damage to peoples vehicles. The mosquitoes thrive in these area and with the village no longer treating for mosquitoes it is unbearable to be out side in some areas of town due to the large swarms near standing waters. We want these issues to be repaired and maintained as they should be. We are expected to keep our properties clean and free of debris or we are sent a letter and fined. The Village should hold itself to the same standards they hold their residents to. Follow by example. 

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