Petition to Halt the Purchase of New Voting Equipment

We, the citizens of Stark County, petition the Stark County Commissioners: Richard Regula (president), Bill Smith (vice-president), and Janet Weir Creighton (member), Jeff Matthews (director), Regine Johnson (deputy director of Stark County Board of Elections), Travis Secrest (administrative assistant, Stark County Board of Elections), and the Stark County Board of Elections: Samuel J. Ferruccio, Jr (chairman), Frank C. Braden, William S. Cline, and Dimitrios Pousoulides. We reject the use of Dominion Voting Machines. With multiple investigations of potential fraud involving Dominion Voting Machines, we are very uncomfortable with the purchase of these machines until all concerns and issues have been resolved and the citizens can feel assured that their votes are safe and accurate if using this equipment. We demand fair and free elections which require a secure and reliable voting machine.

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